Roster Site

Project Type Hobby Project
Role Backend & Frontend Programmer
Tech PHP, HTML, CSS, JavaScript
Date Autumn 2013

This project is a custom roster website for students and staff of my education institution. It started out as a hobby project to provide students with a better, easier, more user-friendly way to view and keep track of school rosters.

After my initial version caught the attention of a staff member of the school, I was asked to co-develop a newer, better version of the website with a fellow student who had made his own, similar tool. Our new version was a hit and was eventually purchased by the educational institution. It is now in use by a some two thousand students and lecturers each day.

Although the current version has access to the school's internal databases, the original version periodically scraped the school's webservers, extracted all the necessary data and stored it in its own database.

The site features the following functionality:

  • Viewing of class, lecture-hall, staff, and week rosters.
  • Convenient links on most information in rosters to make navigation extremely easy.
  • E-mail subscription system to be notified of roster changes.
  • Constructing custom rosters by combining others as desired.
  • A public API for developers to use our database.
  • A public archive of the plain data as scraped from the school's webservers.

On this project I worked on the front-end as well as the back-end.
Note that this website has since been migrated to the school's servers and is currently administrated by the school.