Project Type Hobby Project
Tech C++, C#
Date Winter 2014, Winter 2015

AwesomiumUnity aims to bring the power of Awesomium to the Unity game engine. At the time of development there was no functional and supported official Awesomium port for Unity. This led to the development of AwesomiumUnity.

AwesomiumUnity consists of a wrapper around Awesomium in the form of a C++ DLL. This DLL is loaded by Unity and communicated with through an API implemented in C#. This enables users to implement the loading and rendering of HTML, CSS, and JavaScript based documents stored online (websites) or locally, and use them for in-game web browsing, rich user interfaces, and more.

AwesomiumUnity has been adopted by many users and projects, most notably of which is TableTop Simulator by Berserk Games.