Project Type Hobby Project - Deferred Renderer + Game Engine
Tech C++, OpenGL, SOIL, nVidia Cg, Lua, Squirrel

Loki is a hobby project which started out as a personal research project with the goal of implementing an OpenGL-based deferred renderer. Over time it grew in scope and features to include:

  • Data-oriented material-definition system
  • nVidia CG Effect File support for materials
  • A Templated Component-based Entity System
  • The renderer includes features such as:
    • Point-, Spot- and Directional lights
    • Texture projection for spot and point lights
    • Diffuse/Specular-/Normal-/Reflection-mapped materials
  • Physics engine using Bullet Library
  • Scripting support (Lua & Squirrel)
  • Multi-threaded job-management
  • HTML/CSS/JavaScript based UI logic+rendering and in-engine web-browsing using Awesomium Library
  • Various general-purpose code and utility classes which have been used in numerous other projects, including code and classes for:
    • Simple and fast logging system with multiple levels of verbosity and storage modes
    • File systems
    • Window-handling
    • Time-keeping
    • Input-handling
    • Abstraction layers & wrappers for OpenGL-objects
    • C#-like 'properties' for C++
    • STL container & iterator typedef macros, also usable in templated classes
  • Visual debugging capabilities